Kris Mangini Thompson

The Work

Mom's ABC's


An avid children's book fan, I have written a handful of children's stories myself. One in particular, Mom's ABCs, I took once step further and a hired an illustrator, Mary Fallon, to do some spec illustrations.



Co-creator clothing and accessory line, Tony.

Freelance for Teen Magazine

When I was given the opportunity to freelance design for Teen Magazine, the eternal 14 year old in me was like 'Oh, my, God ... no way'.

The Thompson Tournament of Love


To celebrate our elopement, my husband and I wanted to throw a bash. And rather than force strangers to get all dressed up and eat dinner with people they don't know, we put them on
assigned bowling teams instead. The Thompson Tournament of Love was our idea of a wedding that was all of the fun, none of the formalwear. There was great gourmet food, drinks and even Tournament trophies. Our dog Henry, gave the best dog speech. We made flower arrangements in bowling shoes, a video montage of 1950's vintage bowling lessons an