Kris Mangini Thompson

Promotions / Events

Volkswagen at the Teva Mountain Games '05

The event itself is comprised of numerous sporting activities as well as a photography competition, a dog challenge, movie premieres, concerts and parties. What we wanted to do was make a connection with all these athletes, artists, musicians and even spectators by creating a relevant integrated presence. Ultimately, making all those we were reaching out to feel like we were talking directly to them. So what’s their common thread? A love of nature. So that’s what we did… from tree seedlings to bird houses made out of old license plates… The Teva Mountain Games 2005, for Volkswagen, was a celebration of all things outdoors.

From a corporate standpoint, our major focus this year was on test drives. So, we created the “Jetta Jackpot.” And to start a buzz, we plastered sidewalk decals all over Vail, directing people to the test drive area. Our tent, as usual, was hopping. The variety of creative elements made sure there was something for everyone. A modern-day photo booth not only let you take pictures, but let you email them. An Owner’s Check-In asked VW drivers to show their keys to get a free limited edition TMG t-shirt. There were water bowls, treats and canine t-shirts for our many doggie spectators. We passed out live Colorado Spruce seedlings, and in celebration of the great outdoors, encouraged everybody to plant theirs. We served customized Jones Soda and Nature Valley Granola Bars. And of course, had a ton of free giveaways like tree shaped car air fresheners and customizable bumper stickers.

Jetta Jackpot

It worked like this: After taking a test drive, one would open the glove box to see if they won. One in 10 would hit the Jetta Jackpot. Prizes ranged from $50.00 worth of scratch-off Colorado Lottery tickets to a weekend's stay at a local resort. All prizes, including the free pair of Teva sandals everyone received fro test driving could be picked up at the Volkswagen tent.

Teva Mountain Games '04

Volkswagen Bandages
Volkswagen gave away black bandages with lines that gave a nod to the mindset of the Teva Mountain Games athlete. Because of the nature of the competitions – rock climbing, trail racing, kayaking and mountain biking, these premiums were not only fun and useful for the athletes, they were a unique kind of souvenir for spectators.


Wind Chimes
As part of Volkswagen’s sponsorship of the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, we had a covered bridge that leads into Vail Village to brand. In the past, sponsors have hung big banners with their logos. We decided a more environmental approach seemed appropriate. We chose to hang wind chimes with tags that featured an action verb connected to all the events that made up the Teva Mountain Games (“paddle,” “climb,” “run” and “pedal”). Also, the visual “cloud” theme was integrated into every other element of our event sponsorship (clouds also appeared in the Volkswagen tent, on car decals, on posters and so on). It was not only a visual brand experience, but an audio one as well.

cheer signs
Cheering Signs
A station was created in our VW tent for folks to make cheering signs for athletes. We had big markers and “GO” signs available for fans to customize. It was great to see how enthusiastic spectators were to make them and equally as cool to see how much the athletes appreciated them. And from a corporate standpoint, it was great to have them appear from time to time in the television broadcast.

The Volkswagen Main Street Lounge
A Collaboration of Arnold Worldwide, Volkswagen & Todd Oldham Studios


Main ST 2

The 2005 Sundance Volkswagen Main Street Lounge was a contemporary two-story lounge space located in the heart of downtown Park City, Utah. Originally, it was art gallery space. In January 2005 we rented the space for the 10 days that encompass the Sundance Film Festival. We worked together with Todd Oldham Studios and completely gutted and redesigned the space specifically for the festival. Vistors could check their email or charge their cellphones. Enjoy s'mores or a fun VW branded soda pop. The space included artful custom-designed and built Todd Oldham elements as well as funky automotive accents, including, the back end of a 1973 VW Vanagon that worked as wall art as well as a calendar that pointed out VW-sponsored events with bumper stickers. The space featured trays made from street signs, candy dishes made from traffic-light lenses and throw pillows that were created from vintage Volkswagen t-shirts.



Volkswagen was the official vehicle of the 2003 Ironman Triathlon. As part of that sponsorship, we created a full-page ad that ran in the Official Ironman Race Program. The image, 140.6 miles on a Volkswagen odometer, matches the total combined distance the Ironman athletes cover in the race. This concept was also printed on t-shirts that were given to every participant, in gift bags.


Cadillac / Rolling Stone's 40th Anniversary Celebration

rolling stone

Rock and Roll started to emerge as a music genre in United States during the late 1940s. It was a hybrid of many of America's musical styles, and when it finally acquired the name Rock and Roll in the 1950's - it was considered to be "America's music". Cadillac shares this spirit. It is America's car company. It's own tag line, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit," is a nod to our civil rights as mentioned in the United States Declaration of Independence. From a heritage perspective, Cadillac and Rolling Stone definitely have a special kinship.

Then of course, there is this the undeniable fact that so many Rock and Roll legends themselves have owned a Cadillac at some point while they pursued their music career. Johnny Cash, Travis Barker, Joan Jett, and of course Elvis. They have driven Cadillacs, and they have written songs about them. The Cadillac has an iconic place within the world of music. The connection is uncanny really. So much so, we felt compelled really, to be a part of this amazing Rock and Roll celebration.

So we considered our common history, the roles we play in each other's worlds and we thought how might that manifest into something that music fans and car lovers alike would relate to. And just like that, it all made sense. Life. Liberty. And Rock 'n' Roll.

"Cadillac Vehicle Experience - The Vegas Strip Test Drive"
It is our nation's most famous highway. And the truth is, you can't visit Vegas without seeing it. So we hired a bunch of drivers, gave everyone who took us up on our offer a free disposable camera and we took them for chauffeured cruise down the Vegas Strip. It was a great way to get folks into the new 2008 Cadillac CTS, and an equally exciting experience for tourists.

As a way of getting some additional sponsorship exposure, we took it upon ourselves to own the pool area at the Hard Rock Hotel. The Sunday after the party the pool was packed with hung-over party goers. And, in a true brand experience kind of way, we showed up to give people what they need. We passed out fans, towels and Cadillac branded rafts, all in hopes of truly celebrating this event - keeping everyone cool, dry and out of the hot sun - while reminding consumers of our sponsorship