Kris Mangini Thompson

Promotions / Events

Planned Parenthood IRL

Here we had an opportunity to create a name, identity and experience for a unique lecture series for parents that Planned Parenthood put together to take across the country into suburban neighborhoods.

We knew our efforts needed to break through the clutter. Every time you turn around there a new support group or TV therapist, or best selling 'How to" book for parents of teens. We needed to stand out. To be relevant. This unique lecture series gave parents the tools they needed. It asked them to reconsider their attitude toward their 21st century sons and daughters. The message was "know your kids" - as people, not as parents. Relate to their world. Talk them on their level. Once you've done this, conversations about sexuality, peer pressure and decision-making come more naturally. So first we needed a name.

We went with IRL. Short for, In Real Life. IRL is a term that teenagers use online in chat rooms and on message boards. It is used when referring to friends, there are your 'virtual' friends and your IRL friends. To us … this seemed like a perfect connection to our effort. It spoke to the honesty of what we were trying to do in a vernacular that is common to teens.

Once we had that sorted out, we were able to grow a complete, fully integrated campaign that consisted of posters, online banners, brochures and other experiential promotions that got the word out there to parents.


ITSUGAR is a boutique candy store with an online shop as well as a handful of brick and mortar locations. As a brand they have a big personality. They are witty, irreverent, and fun. Which is how and why these lines were born. When ITSUGAR began opening there first actual store fronts, we thought "We really need a way to get people's attention." So we created posters that not only hung in-store, but in public spaces at the malls in which the stores were located. Bright and colorful, shoppers got such a kick out of them, ITSUGAR created and sold them as t-shirts as well.

Mellow Mushroom Christmas Promotion

Initially this concept was created as a flyer that was sent to local businesses to promote Mellow Mushroom's catering service over the holidays. It was then adapted into in-store posters and as a button giveaway for regional tree-lighting events - where in which anyone who came into their local Mellow Mushroom Pizza wearing this festive button in the month of December, would get a free soft drink with purchase.

Piece on Earth

This holiday season when you wear your 2008 limited edition Mellow Mushroom button into the Fort Worth location, you'll get a free regular size soft drink with any purchase.

Get your holiday button at this year's Bluebonnet Circle Tree Lighting, December 10th @ 6:30pm, or from your Mellow Mushroom server.