Kris Mangini Thompson

Promotions / Events

The Volkswagen Red Carpet

red carpet

Volkswagen is a primary sponsor of a number of film festivals. The challenge we faced was to create a promotional piece that could be used at all these different events, from the Sundance Film Festival to the Outfest Film Festival. The Volkswagen Red Carpet was our solution. Made up of actual dyed floor mats taken from every Volkswagen model, this unique piece replaced the typical sponsorship banners and celebrated the filmmakers, screen writers and stars of these independent projects in a branded but tongue-in-cheek way. This carpet appeared outside theaters at premieres and at Volkswagen organized parties.

Airport Drivers / Sundance Film Festival / Salt Lake City Airport


We decided we wanted an airport presence at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. After all, everyone who comes to the Park City, UT festival travels through this one airport – the celebrities, honorees, and most of the festival attendees. And then we remembered our own previous year’s travel through the airport and the idea totally hit us. There are always a number of Limo / Shuttle Drivers waiting in baggage claim. So we hired our own real-life drivers to act as signage and stand among the other drivers, with humorous signs honoring this year’s finalists. Not only did it keep with our spirit of celebrating the honor of being named a finalist, but it also was a stunt that got a lot of laughs, was a relevant tie-in as the official automotive sponsor of the festival, and was an incredibly inexpensive alternative to traditional, very pricey, in-airport media costs.

Formerally known as senior sales associate, shoe department.

Who use to write greeting cards to pay the rent.

Who use to moonlight as a wedding singer.
That was then.This is now. Congratulations.

Volkswagen is proud to sponsor the Sundance Film Festival
and is a true believer in the spirit of independent film.

The 20th Anniversary Edition GTI Microsite

GTI MinisiteThis microsite commemorates the 1983 launch of the first Rabbit GTI and introduces the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition GTI. This flash microsite speaks to gearheads but also has a “pop-up video” quality to it that doesn’t let the site get too serious. GTI enthusiasts are “fact junkies,” so we considered that. We wanted the site to be informative but also experiential.

So, we celebrate the 20th Anniversary Edition by remembering the launch year, 1983. We do this with quirky, sometimes factual, other times totally random, pop-up pop culture from that year – similar to that of the memorable “pop-up video.”

The 20th Anniversary Edition GTI dons matching side skirts. In 1983, it was all about pants. Parachute pants.

1983 gave us hair mousse. And let’s face it, it changed everything.

The 20th Anniversary Edition GTI features a thrilling 6-speed manual transmission. In 1983, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” was Album of the Year.

Volkswagen / Ipod Zine

ipod zineVolkswagen and Apple joined forces to do a promotion supporting both brands. Whenever you bought a New Beetle, you got a free iPod. The iPod came with this artfully designed 70-page book. It covered everything from hooking up your iPod to your VW, to exploring crazy new music, to making origami cranes out of your old CD covers.

Money Tree Gift

Financial Service provider TIAA CREF relies strongly on human resource administrators when it comes to promoting their services to new employees. It is usually at the moment of hire, and while filling out all the traditional paper work that a prospective clients would opt in for TIAA CREF. So we thought, perfect. Let's thank the folks who are promoting our services with a special note and gift, and also have our logo, front and center (on the administrator's desks) for all new hires to see.

Cadillac / GQ 50th Anniversary

Some brands just go together. Like Cadillac and GQ Magazine, for example. So we were more than thrilled to be a part of their 50th Anniversary weekend that took place at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Cadillac sponsored the VIP DJ party, featuring Swizz Beatz and gave guests limited-edition designer hats and branded NFT LA Guides. For additional party presence, we screened a montage of vintage Cadillac footage from 1957 (a nod to 50 years) - our way of naturally integrating Cadillac into the celebration.