Kris Mangini Thompson

The Work

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(as if all that wasn't enough ... here are a couple more examples of what I do)

Dale and Thomas
Direct Response TV for Dale & Thomas Popcorn

Volkswagen / Ironman Sponsorship Ad
T-shirts were also created and given to participants in their membership bags.
The image, 140.6 miles on a Volkswagen odometer, matches the total combined distance an Ironman athletes cover in the race.

GTI 20th Anniversary Mini Site
GTI Minisite
This microsite commemorates the 1983 launch of the first Rabbit GTI and introduces the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition GTI. This flash microsite speaks to gearheads but also has a "pop-up video" quality to it that doesn't let the site get too serious. We celebrated the 20th Anniversary Edition by remembering the launch year, 1983. We do this with quirky, sometimes factual, other times totally random, pop-up pop culture from that year.

The 20th Anniversary Edition GTI dons matching side skirts. In 1983, it was all about pants. Parachute pants.

1983 gave us hair mousse. And let's face it, it changed everything.

The 20th Anniversary Edition GTI features a thrilling 6-speed manual transmission. In 1983, Michael Jackson's "Thriller," was Album of the Year.

Cadillac / GQ Ad
Ad and signage for Cadillac's sponsorship of the GQ Magazine's 50th Anniversary Weekend at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA.

Volkswagen College Newspaper Ad
T-shirts with the "I got a 1.9" line were also handed out on campus, as a part of various VW sponsored events.
college outreach

New Yorker Festival Humor Review Sponsorship Ad
Dozens of New Beetles were actually wrapped to look like New York Taxis as a part of our sponsorship.
New Yorker Festival '04