Kris Mangini Thompson

The Work

Brand Promotions is about connecting with consumers where they spend time. It's about showing up at the same parties and events they go to. It's about supporting the causes they do, and meaning it. More emotional, less corporate. The buzz these efforts get in the press is important. It isn't however, nearly as significant as the personal connection consumers feel to a brand after interacting with it one-on-one.

The ad pundits call it experiential marketing, non-traditional advertising, brand promotions, strategical promotional partnerships - whatever name you give to it, the important thing to recognize is that it is smart. It's how a brand stands out. Leaves a lasting impression, and today that is getting increasingly difficult to do with traditional advertising. What used to be a piece of a bigger brand campaign, is now fully integrated. It's a holistic marketing effort. It's unexpected. It's personal. It's meaningful. It's memorable. It's effective.